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Advertising is available on vSphere-land.com, the advertising package includes a single sidebar ad that is visible on all pages and encompasses all 3 of the individual websites that are part of vSphere-land.com which include the vSphere-land.com main site, the vLaunchpad site and the Planet vSphere-land.com site. The advertising package is $315 per month for a 3 month commitment and gets your ad featured on each of the 3 websites, discounts up to 35% are available for 6 or 12 month commitments. vSphere-land.com averages around 250,000 requests a week, the vLaunchPad averages around 23,000 requests a week and Planet vSphere-land averages around 13,000 requests a week. To reserve an upcoming month, email me at esiebert7625 at yahoo dot com.

My websites are frequently recommended by VMware employees and VMware training instructors. Here are some comments about my websites:

  • Emailing out links to @ericsiebert’s blog, as is often the case a blog has better info than vmware.com – Carter Shanklin, VMware
  • Just a small note to say your site is excellent. I had a read through the VMware Converter tips etc today, and although none helped me out with my conversion issue it gave me a heaps of other useful information. – David
  • Many thanks for your great VMware Links-Page. I’m a german VMware Instructor and with your permission I would like to tell my students in the VMware courses about your homepage. – Joerg
  • Love your site. Lot of people internally are really impressed with what you have pulled together. You probably know this, but thought you wouldn’t mind if one more person offered that you are making a great contribution to helping change the datacenter as we know it. – Michael Sklar, Director, ISV Alliances VMware
  • Just thought I should drop one or two lines. The website is great and very informative. I think it covers from A- Z of vmware. It is a real vmware land. More kudos. But before I go I will like to ask you what is the best material for me to use for my VCP exams. – Baba, VMware Consultant
  • Great site! We are in the midst of a server consolidation project, and I find your site comes up on a lot of google searches. 😉 – Tom
  • I was just referred to you website, and I have to admit you have a ton of info on the site. – Mark
  • I would imagine, like me, you get tons of email and don’t really hope for more. However, I just discovered your website and wanted to send a huge “Thank YOU!!!” for the work you put into your site. I am reasonably new to the world of virtualization and your site looks like an invaluable resource of information. If you ever make it to Richmond , VA , I’ll have to buy you a beer. Thanks again. – Michael
  • Saw your site vmware-land.com and has some good useful information. If you are at VMWorld this year, I might see you there. – Fred, Dell Professional Services
  • You have done a fabulous job on this site. I’ve been at VMware for 5 years and this is the most comprehensive, well laid out site I’ve seen. Great work!!…I’m going to be driving a lot of traffic to your site. – Matt, VMware Corporate Accounts Manager
  • I started a new blog dealing with VMware and wanted to make sure it was alright to list your site on my blog. I have used several of the tips from your site in the past and think your site is great. My site is http://vmwareworld.blogspot.com if you’d like to take a look at it. The links on your site have been a god-send in the past! So, your work is definitely appreciated! – Jack
  • I just wanted to let you know how useful your site is to me.  – Larry
  • In our line of work we don’t often hear the word “Thanks”. Don’t know how you do it but I really appreciate your site VMware-land and your articles on Tech Target. Keep up the great work. Found your bio interesting because I’ve been in the business 27 years and have a wife and 3 kids. Also, all I’ve done the last 3.5 years is VMware work. Great profession. – Tom
  • Just found your website (vmware-land) and got to say it is very impressive! Can’t believe the links you have there – keep up the hard work! I will be coming to your site more and more often now! – Irtaza
  • Thanks so much for the great website. It is one of the most valuable resources available. I appreciate the various information and advice. The ability to research information from other software vendors focused in the VMware technology is fantastic. I ensure all my clients know about the site. Keep up the great service – its very much appreciated by myself and many VMware field staff. – Michael Walshe, VMware APAC Technical Account Manager Program
  • First, a big thanks for publishing and maintaining all this info. Very, very helpful. I just stumbled across it via a Google search after being assigned to do some ETL work pulling data from the vCenter DB. – Rod